FEMA awards over $1.3 million in grant funding to Paradise to help restore water system


In an effort to get the Paradise water system back up and running, FEMA has awarded the Paradise Irrigation District with $1,375,597.87 in grant funding.

"The Camp Fire absolutely devastated the Town of Paradise, and recovery will be a long and difficult road," said Congressman Doug LaMalfa. "With much of the town's infrastructure destroyed or heavily damaged, we need to expedite the money and process to bring it back into operation again."

LaMalfa added that he will continue working at the Federal level to secure additional resources to rebuild the infrastructure Paradise needs to recover, improve and thrive.

"District will be able to use these funds to continue working on getting the water system up and running for the rebuilding of the Town of Paradise," said the Director of Paradise Irrigation District, Kevin Phillips.

Phillips added that the District is facing a monumental challenge to make sure the water is safe for all the residents in Paradise.

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