Paradise residents return home for the first time since fleeing the Camp Fire

Residents return home in Paradise, California after being evacuated from the Camp Fire.

Its been 38 days since residents fled from their homes in Paradise from the Camp Fire that ignited on November 8. On Saturday, all remaining evacuation orders were lifted in the Town of Paradise and Butte County giving residents the opportunity to go home and see what was left.

Only residents were allowed back into the area with proof of identification for the first 24 hours. Beginning on Sunday, December 16 at 9:00 a.m. the recently lifted evacuation zones will be open to the general public.

Cars were bumper to bumper heading up the Skyway. The California Highway Patrol and the Butte County Sheriff's Office were at Skyway Crossroad Road and Skyway checking identification cards and handing out protective clothing to people who planned on sifting through their property.

Residents say they are still dealing with the trauma after fleeing from their homes on November 8, "It hit us on the blind side and we're still trying to pick up all the pieces," said Kevin Etchison, a Paradise resident. He lost his home and dogs in the Camp Fire. "We will rebuild and we will survive," added Etchison.

Little pieces of life in the Town covered with debris give him and his wife Patricia hope. Their oranges were still on their tree and their rainbow pinwheel sat untouched by the flames in their front yard.

They say it will be a long process to recovery, but they are confident that the Town of Paradise will rebuild.

To read more about the evacuation order that were lifted on Saturday click here.

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