Paradise Starbucks reopens, shows support for Camp Fire survivors in unique way


    The Starbucks in Paradise reopened Thursday and the company is showing their support for Camp Fire survivors in a unique way.

    Special stickers are being added to each cup that say, "Paradise Strong, Starbucks partners [love] their customers".

    Due to the ongoing water issues in Paradise, Starbucks said they have a limited menu for customers as they have to serve offsite brewed coffee and prepackaged food and beverages.

    Currently they are serving hot brewed coffee, nitro and regular cold brew, bottled beverages, pastries, packaged snacks, and cold sandwiches.

    No warmed food, espresso or iced beverages will be available for now.

    The drive-thru remains closed for repairs and due to the water issues, a portable toilet has been placed outside of the store.

    The hours for the store are Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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