Paradise Town Council votes 5-0 to repeal ordinance allowing RV's in Camp Fire area

The Paradise Town Council voted 5-0 Monday morning to repeal the ordinance originally passed in December that allowed people to live on their properties in RV's in the Camp Fire burn area.

It was standing room only as the council decided to prohibit town residents from camping on their fire-damaged properties until those properties are completely cleared of debris.

The council was forced to take action after learning they were at risk of losing $1.7 billion dollars in federal funding if they allowed people to continue living within the Camp Fire burn area before the debris was cleared.

At this time it is unclear when people have to be off their properties as the council said they will be working with each individual property owner to help them find somewhere to go.

"They've lost everything they've already got and now they've lost an opportunity that they have to be home and now they're gonna be homeless again," said Tai Hegenbart, a Paradise resident. "It should be safer to live in a trailer on your property further away from the debris than in a house that is actually toxic."

According to the Town of Paradise, FEMA says only the people living in trailers need to move. Everyone else, even people living in their homes next to burnt homes, can stay.

"I don't think we can play chicken with 1.7 billion dollars in aid that we need from the federal government," said Thomas Wahl, a Paradise resident.

The town has stopped issuing temporary power pole permits. Dozens of other residents living in the Town of Paradise are surviving off of generators.

"If we can't clean up lots, who's going to want to come back here. I wouldn't want to come back," said Mike Zuccolilo, a Paradise Town Council member. "We need better communication from our federal partners. I appreciate FEMA coming in and I appreciate the work they're trying to do but a lot of this could have been avoided by having this discussion earlier."

The council added they are working to move some trailers to the Paradise Alliance Church and that people who are currently living on their properties, who have submitted ROE forms, could see their lots cleared first so they can move back.

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