Parents name baby after Butte Co. EMS worker who helped save them from the Camp Fire

Photo courtesy of Enloe Medical Center

Anastasia and Daniel Skinner say after all he did for them, giving their daughter the middle name of the EMS worker who helped save them from the Camp Fire was the least they could do.

Anastasia and Daniel were trying to escape from the Camp Fire on November 8 when Anastasia, who was late in her pregnancy, began having contractions on the Skyway.

"This baby was planned C-section, I knew if I went into labor, it was not going to be good," said Anastasia.

That's when Mickey Huber, assistant chief of operations for Butte County Emergency Services, and other EMS personnel came to help the couple who were stranded

"Mickey just took the reins, he got in the car with me while a retired Paradise Fire Chief drove and he organized a caravan including a Butte County Deputy Sheriff and an Oroville Police Officer. It was really a collaborative effort but Mickey, he was in control. He got us out of town," said Daniel.

Mickey recently got to meet two-day-old Zoele Mickey Skinner.

"After all Mickey did for us, we felt we needed to do something," added Daniel after suggesting they name their baby girl after Mickey.

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