100 temporary debris clean-up jobs available for Carr Fire survivors


    Over the coming months, the Smart Business Resource Center in Redding will be helping Carr Fire survivors who qualify for the 100 positions needed to clean-up the remaining Carr Fire debris, giving them the chance to give back to a community that stepped up in their time of need.

    The resource center said it's all thanks to a grant for $2 million from Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium NORTEC.

    "I've had about five today. I've had about thirty phone calls today for them. People are calling non-stop for the Carr Fire jobs," said Jesse Jentzen, Career Advisor at Smart Business Resource Center.

    Jesse Jentzen helps Carr Fire survivors apply for these temporary jobs at three different debris clean-up sites.

    "We have positions with the City of Redding for clean-up and repair, Whiskeytown Recreation Area, [and] Western Shasta Resource Conservation," said Debbie Decoito, Executive Director of Smart Business Resource Center.

    Each job pays between $14.50 and $18.00 an hour, but they're only available to those who qualify.

    "You need to be unemployed for the last 15 weeks and one day out of the last twenty six weeks. These will be full time jobs. They will be 40 hours," said Decoito.

    However, Jentzen said for those who do qualify, these labor positions mean a lot more than just a pay check.

    "They have the opportunity to give back to the community when they've lost something, so it's pretty cool," said Jentzen.

    Especially to those who were at the epicenter of the disaster.

    "We've had a few people who worked at Oak Bottom. And so, that burned and they lost their jobs there. Some people worked at Whiskeytown, lost their jobs there," said Jentzen. "A lot of people are calling in to see how they can help."

    The Smart Business Resource Center is offering free and low-cost career services including assistance with resumes and applications at 1201 Placer Street in Redding.

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