Carr Fire debris removal days away from completion, rain interferes

Carr Fire debris removal is just days away from being completed. Thursday was the first time in nearly three months work was halted because of the rain.

Lance Klug with Cal Recycle said at peak productivity, crews were cleaning up 100 properties in five days. As of Thursday, 1,018 properties are finished being cleaned out and 26 remain.

"We expect to have those completed by Saturday or Sunday or possibly next week depending on the weather," Klug said.

Although crews didn't work Thursday, Klug said they are used to working in the rain and plan to get back to work Friday.

"It's not that our crews can't work in the rain," Klug said. "It became an issue with the landfills with moisture content requirements. Essentially, just showing up with goop, and landfills don't want that."

Finishing the debris clean up in the coming days won't be the last step in the process.

"Following debris removal, then you have confirmation soil sampling to make sure the soil is back to pre-fire conditions," said Klug. "Then you have the institution of erosion control measures. Then final inspections and then after the final inspection the property is returned to the property owner and they can apply for the building permit and start that rebuilding process."

Klug said property owners will get their land back in the next few weeks. For now, they are focusing on erosion control to get property owners back to a safe plot of land as soon as possible.

"It has been inspiring and we look forward to 2019 being a year of rebuilding for Shasta Redding, and we are glad for any part we could play in that," Klug said.

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