Carr Fire family finds Christmas tree surprise


As the holidays approach, one Redding family is feeling the Christmas spirit more than ever after finding a heart warming surprise on the vacant lot where their family home used to stand.

The Dominguez family lost their home to the Carr Fire in July, but now in it's place sits a Christmas tree, decorated by a mysterious stranger.

"It was like this mystery of something happened that we didn't do and someone was really loving our tree," said Benjamin Dominguez.

"It was a Christmas miracle," said Becky Dominguez.

Becky and Benjamin bought their family of four two Christmas trees this year. One for their new rental home and one for the vacant lot where their home used to stand. The second tree intended to be decorated with ornaments found in the ashes.

"We found five or six ornaments that did survive the fire. And one of them was the star. Which is now painted gold. It wasn't before," said Benjamin.

With the help of their five-year-old son, Benjamin put the charred gold star at the top of the tree on their lot.

"We wanted it to make a statement that we're here for the community. That we're not going anywhere. This will pass. This is still our home. This is still our territory," said Becky.

But before they could come back to decorate the rest, someone did it for them.

"The next morning I came back and someone had come out and ribboned it up. And put ornaments on with a beautiful note saying. Oh she said 'sorry I couldn't reach the top. I'm short,'" said Becky and Benjamin.

At first they didn't know who was behind the good deed, but on Wednesday their mystery decorator was revealed.

"It really felt like home to me when somebody put that wreath on our mailbox. And we did find out that it's a neighbor. So I know we are not the only ones who have benefited from her generosity. It's really cool," said Becky.

Now they say their neighbor's good deed won't be forgotten.

They hope that more people are inspired to come down to add decorations to their Carr Fire Christmas tree before the holidays.

The Dominguez Christmas tree is located on Moonstone Way off Harlan Drive in Redding.

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