Carr Fire Latest: Monday, August 6 - 47% Contained, 164,413 Acres Burned

Courtesy: Katie Quinn

Update Monday at 7:30 p.m.:

As of Monday evening, the Carr Fire is 47 percent contained at 164,413 acres.


As of Monday morning, the Carr Fire is 45 percent contained at 163,207 acres. 1,223 structures are still threatened while 1,080 homes have been destroyed.

Evacuations are in place for the following areas:


  • Community of French Gulch
  • Placer Rd west from Diggins Rd
  • Swasey Dr north from Lower Springs Rd to Highway 299
  • Whiskeytown Park
  • Igo Community
  • Keswick Community west of Keswick Dam
  • Cloverdale Rd from Placer Rd to Clear Creek Rd
  • Placer Rd at Platina Rd to Buell Rd, including South Fork Rd, Zogg Mine Rd, Jenny Bird Lane, Horse Canyon Rd and all residents west of Platina Rd between Placer Rd and Buell Rd
  • All areas on South Fork Rd from Zogg Mine Rd to South Fork Rd, including areas of Bender Rd, Serenity Dr and Serenity Way


  • Trinity/Shasta County line at Buckhorn Summit Rd west to Trinity Dam Blvd. All roads within this area north of Highway 299
  • Highway 299 at Trinity Dam Blvd continuing north to Highway 3 including Deadwood Rd, Jennings Gulch Rd, Eastman Gulch Rd and Lewiston Turn Pike Rd. This is to include all homes and side streets east of Trinity Dam Blvd within the Township of Lewiston.
  • Highway 299 at Trinity Dam Blvd west to Poker Bar Rd
  • Trinity Dam Blvd to South of the Trinity Dam including all residents within Lewiston area to Trail Dr, Red Lane, Old Highway, Lewiston Rd, Ohio Lane, Lowden Way, Ponderosa Pines, River Front Rd, Wellock Rd, S. Ponderosa Pine, Coffin Rd, Dirt Rd, Benvenuto Way, Browns Mountain Rd, Mountain Springs Rd, Jobe Way, Steelhead Circle, Rebel Rd, Quail Point Rd, Lockhart Ranch Rd, Prut Rd, Upper Salt Flat Rd, Salt Flat Rd, Goose Ranch Rd, Dredger Lane, Bacham Lane, Partridge Lane, Shady Lane, River Rock Rd, Old Oak Rd, Gulch Rd, and Lewiston Turn Pike Rd
  • All roads and streets west of Trinity Dam Blvd and east of Lewiston Rd
  • Deadwood Rd east of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • All homes on Baker Rd including Cooper Gulch, Posey Rd, Lakeview Terrace, and Pine Cove Marina including Eagle Mountain Rd

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