Carr Fire Survival: Fifth wheel from Santa Rosa given to Keswick resident


    Since the Carr Fire swept through Shasta County, many homeowners without insurance were left wondering how to move forward.

    A couple in Keswick who lost everything got a sweet surprise from an anonymous person who donated his fifth wheel to them to live in while their home is being rebuilt.

    The anonymous person who made the donation lost his own home in the Tubb Fire that raged through parts of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County last fall. He and his family lived in it while his home was being rebuilt. When he was done with it, he wanted to pay it forward to someone who experienced the same tragedy he did.

    "What keeps me going is the big picture. The fire destroyed our lives. Everybody's life is changed in one way or another. Your life is changed, my life is changed, their life is changed," said Jeanette Hernandez, the Keswick resident receiving the fifth wheel. "I feel privileged. Those people probably still suffer to this day and the people who donate are looking after other people in the same situation."

    The fifth wheel was donated to the St. Vincent De Paul Society to match it with someone in need.

    Hernandez said she plans to rebuild her home that once stood on her property in Keswick. She is taking things day by day as she rebuilds from the devastating Carr Fire.

    Only two homes remain standing in Keswick since the Carr Fire swept through.

    A symbol of hope and a story of wildfire survival that stretches across the Golden State.

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