Carr Fire survivor shares his progress and challenges toward rebuilding


As Carr Fire survivors continue to navigate the complicated rebuilding process, one man is sharing his stories of progress and set backs, after his community was destroyed by a wall of flames last July.

"Its hard to imagine. All you can do is hope and pray. It's dramatic. It's something you don't want anybody to go through," said Joe Williams.

For Williams and his wife losing their home in the Carr Fire was just the beginning of a long journey toward recovery, paved with victories and set backs, starting the day they returned to the ashes of their home to find it had been looted.

"Come to find out people had been coming in and going through our ashes. You know trying to find what they could. They even stole an animal control camera that was trying to rescue cats," Williams said.

However, that didn't stop them from moving forward.

Since then, they have had the debris removed, power restored and water hooked back up.

"So we're pretty much ready to build now," Williams said.

Yet the process hasn't come without it's fair share of snags. Including one where the couple says they suddenly found themselves missing mail like bills and important fire recovery documents.

"We just recently had trouble with our mail delivery. It just all of a sudden stopped. And we weren't getting a few items we needed," Williams said.

Fortunately, the Williams were able to fix the problem with receiving their mail.

"You know a couple trips down to Redding Post Office and then talking to the mailman we finally got that worked out because somehow we got it to where there was no delivery and the mail was being returned."

Now, they are just waiting for good weather to break ground on their new dream home.

"Actually we're just looking forward to moving on again. It's hard to deal with. There's a lot of ups and downs and everything but we're looking forward to the next step. The concrete being poured and the wood work going up."

In response to the mail issue, Jeff Clark with the Redding Post Office sent a statement saying after the Carr Fire impacted residents were expected to choose between one of three mail delivery options.

He says Carr Fire survivors were expected to either rent a post office box, submit a change of address to their new address, or place mail on a temporary hold until they decided what to do.

If anyone is still having issues receiving their mail, the post office asks that people call or visit their local post office location and ask to speak with a supervisor.

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