Daughter of Andrew Brake: "My dad would be proud to be a part of a community like this."


Community members came together in Chico for a bake sale and car wash fundraiser for the family of fallen firefighter Andrew Brake.

Andrew Brake was a Cal Fire mechanic who died working the Carr Fire when his vehicle went off the road and hit a tree.

Volunteers grabbed their buckets, sponges and got to work for a good cause to raise money for his two daughters.

Brake's daughter, Miranda, helped wash cars to thank the community for their support and remember the life of her fallen hero.

"I think my dad would be proud to be a part of a community like this," Miranda said.

Lines of cars drove up in front of Installer's Garage where the fundraiser was being held. Brake worked as a mechanic at Installer's Garage before accepting a job with Cal Fire.

His fire family stretching across the Golden State showed up in support.

Chico Fire Department and Cal Fire Butte County engines came by throughout the day to say hello and buy baked goods. Local bakeries donated the baked goods and volunteers made the car wash possible.

"This was something that my dad loved, so it just means so much that they showed the same love back to us," Miranda said.

Brake grew up in Chico and went to Pleasant Valley High School before attending the fire academy at Butte College. Family and friends say that working for Cal Fire was Brake's dream job. He recently moved back to Chico at the beginning of the year to work for Cal Fire and be closer to his two daughters.

Miranda says that all the donations from the fundraiser will go towards her and her sister to help support and put them through college.

Miranda says the last thing her and her father talked about was Brake buying a house close to her after years of working far from home.

"Our last text message he told me that he just needed to work two more weeks then he would have enough money for a down payment," said Miranda. "He and I had been on Zillow looking at houses together. I really appreciate that moment, because I got to show him that I was really proud of him," Miranda says.

Miranda also said that since her father's passing, she has dreams of following his footsteps by attending the fire academy at Butte College before becoming a Fire Medic.

She aspires to honor her fallen hero by dedicating her life to something bigger than herself, just as her father did.

The by Sunday evening, the car wash raised $3,432.25.

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