Flood Insurance available from FEMA even in high-risk areas


    Homeowners living in Carr Fire burned communities have said they're being told to add flood insurance to their current policy sooner rather than later ahead of the expected rainy season this winter.

    So, we spoke with several people living along Carter Creek, in one of the high risk areas for flooding and run-off this winter to find out what they're doing to prepare.

    "We have lost many homes in our neighborhood and it has saddened us greatly," said Lake Redding Estates resident Gregory Tracey.

    As recovery efforts continue from the Carr Fire, many Lake Redding residents like Tracey have started to see signs warning about the possibility of flooding this winter, especially from run-off and debris flowing into Carter Creek.

    "We realized how lucky that we were, that we still had our home. But, we also realized there was a lot of burn behind us on the steep hills," said Linda Masterson, one of Tracey's neighbors.

    Tracey and Masterson said they're taking steps to prepare their homes for the winter.

    "Precautions should be taken, including the ones we discussed, having wattles and sandbags and potentially having flood insurance," said Tracey.

    That also includes flood insurance through the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program.

    "Its very important to have flood insurance because that's what's going to protect you, should we have a large rain incident and you get a landslide or a mud slide," said Danny Day, an Allstate Insurance Agent.

    Day said this insurance should be available for everyone but it's important for people to sign up for this coverage quickly.

    "The thing to remember with the National Flood Insurance Program policy is they have a 30 day waiting period after you purchase the policy, before a claim can be made," said Day.

    However, after the policy goes into effect, it covers any kind of water damage coming from the ground up, including run off, overflowing rivers and mud slides.

    For Tracey and Masterson, that means danger from Carter Creek.

    "So, I think once the city cleans out Carter Creek, we'll feel a lot better because it's pretty clogged up now," said Masterson.

    No matter what happens this winter, Tracey said he has faith in the community's strength.

    "Life goes on and people are resilient and Lake Redding Estates will rise again. As will many neighborhoods in this community," said Tracey.

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