French Gulch community staying strong together

As communities continue to try to recover and repopulate during the Carr Fire, the French Gulch community is hanging in their strong.

As communities recover and repopulate during the Carr Fire, French Gulch residents are hanging together.

Bunky and Stan Leach own property on Drunken Gulch Road in French Gulch. They said they lost their home of almost 40 years.

And although the Carr Fire destroyed their home, they’re moving forward to rebuild.

Their friend of almost fifty years, Judy Britten, took them in since they had no place to stay.

She said there was no question about it.

"Because they're family.," Britten said. "Like I said, we've been friends for almost 50 years. They would do the same for me."

The people of French Gulch are also planning a community gathering for the town on Saturday, August 25, to bring everyone together to regroup, recover and rebuild. As the community would say, it’s French Gulch strong.

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