Group reunites dozens of lost Carr Fire pets, but many more remain unmatched


Saving those who can't save themselves, the Carr Fire Rescue and Reunification group has been out on the streets everyday, helping animals lost and injured during the Carr Fire.

"You can't explain how much these people have lost. But, it definitely means the world to be able to give them back something, which is their pets," said Ruthie Cortright, Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification Field Coordinator.

Heidi, Stacey and Ruthie are just three of the 65 people working different parts of the Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification group to save pets left behind, lost or injured during the fire.

Their efforts seem to be working.

"Currently we have about 71 pets that we've been directly involved in rescuing and reuniting with their owners," said Stacey Jimenez, Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification Facebook Administrator.

However, there are still 109 others listed as lost online. Some of which have been sighted but not yet rescued.

In fact, they said they're still finding lost pets, nearly two months after the fire started.

"We're having new cats show up all the time on camera. A lot of them are badly burned or injured and we think that they're just now coming out of hiding after recuperating," said Heidi Schmall, Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification Pet Trapper.

One of those survivors is Gray Boy.

"I recently trapped gray boy. We had had no sign of him on camera for 35 days," said Schmall. "He was singed all over. His whiskers on his face were singed basically down to nothing. He had severe burns on his face. His ears are burned about half way down."

Gray Boy is just one of the many unclaimed cats they've found.

That's why they're asking people to keep looking for their pets, especially on the Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification Facebook page here.

In addition, they're adding a new element to their pet rescue efforts.

Starting Sunday, the group plans to add two kiosks or tented stations in Carr Fire damaged communities.

"Inside the tent there will be pictures of all the found pets, and pictures of lost pets from that neighborhood as well. As well as some sightings that we've had," said Jimenez.

They hope people will stop to look at the animals and hopefully be able to help in the reunification process.

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