Mystery Carr Fire worker leaves Halloween gifts


    Helcia Holzer is in search of the construction worker who left her children a big surprise on Halloween.

    Holzer lives in West Redding. She was one of the thousands who ran for her life from the Carr Fire.

    "I have two babies so it's like get in, get what you need, and get out," Holzer said.

    Holzer was one of the lucky ones, her family's home survived, but the homes on either side of hers were lost.

    She has two young children, and explaining the destructed neighborhood hasn't been easy. Holzer said she wanted Halloween to be an escape.

    "You walk around [west Redding] and it's like, we trick or treat next door and it's a super nice lady she would always be gracious to my kids and she's not there anymore," Holzer said. "Then you go a few doors down and they're not there."

    So, they went somewhere else to trick-or-treat. When they returned home, they found a gift basket by their front door.

    "You've been booed it says. [My daughter] was like 'mom look at all this cool stuff!", Holzer said. "Five dollar gift card to McDonalds, vampire teeth, light up necklaces, cute little glasses. I was hoping there would be a little note in there that said who it was from."

    Holzer doesn't know for sure who it was from, but she has an idea. She thinks a certain construction worker helping rebuild her neighborhood might be behind it.

    KRCR asked around, but every construction worker denied leaving the gift. Holzer said he wouldn't admit it even if we did find him.

    "It makes perfect sense, we always wave at him, he always been nothing but gracious to us," said Holzer. "He stops and talks to my husband. He's just a good man and we just want to say thank you."

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