New study reveals forces behind Carr Fire 'firenado'

A study released in the Geophysical Research Letters journal reveals more about the forces driving the 'firenado' in July.

The study used satellite and radar data to find out more on the conditions that created the storm. According to the research, it was a combination of scorching weather, erratic winds, and an ice-topped cloud towering miles into the atmosphere that were behind it.

The Carr Fire started on July 23; later forming the ice-topped cloud. Researchers say this is a key factor in the tornado formation. The cloud stretched the air column and helped create tornado-strength and swirling winds.

According to the Sacramento Bee, this is the second fire tornado to be documented. The first one was recorded in 2003 in Australia.

The Carr Fire fire tornado started on July 26 and killed one firefighter.

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