Oak Bottom docks restored


    Oak bottom, the marina on Whiskeytown Lake that burned in the Carr Fire, is in the process of being rebuilt.

    This week, the docks are restored by boats brought in from out of the state.

    Matt Switzer, with the park said the focus is replacing the floaters underneath the actual dock. A boat with a crane lifts the dock in order for them to get underneath and replace the floaters.

    "So, we have two specially equip boats out here," said Switzer. "They both have cranes out here so they are going in and lifting up the concrete and steel docks to get these melted floats up above the waterline. When the fire came through it melted a lot of these plastic floaters. So the concrete docks or the finger piers start dipping into the water."

    Oak bottom is still closed to the public. Crews are still out daily clearing out the endless amount of falling dead trees that could be dangerous and the marina still has what's being called a "bone yard" of burned boat parts, brought up from the bottom of the lake.

    A dive team came out to help retrieve these items from the lake floor.

    There is not yet an estimation of when the area will reopen. Boaters are still allowed on certain areas of the lake through the Whiskey Creek Boat Launch.

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