Old Shasta cafe is a comfort for those who lost their homes


    Many watched in fear as the Carr Fire moved into historic Old Shasta. Then for days, it was unclear which historic buildings had survived. Now, Shorty's Eatery in Old Shasta is back up and busier than ever.

    The owners saying they don't know how they got so lucky.

    "I was like 'wow!" and then I thought 'how'?," said co-owner Annette Magee.

    Shorty's was surrounded by fire but somehow was salvaged. Some surrounding buildings weren't as lucky.

    "It's really sad to see everything burnt to a crisp like it is," said co-owner Fred Magee.

    The couple said they have connected with the community in Old Shasta and it was hard to see so many homes of people they love destroyed.

    Shorty's brings in tourist from all over the country, but also brings together the small community surrounding it.

    "Some come in like clock work, we know exactly when they are going to show up and exactly what they are going to have without even asking," said Fred.

    People watched the café on the news all over the country as the Carr Fire came through.

    "There was one shot of the bakery and café and a building was burning behind it and I thought 'oh no!' but here it is!," said Fran Carlsrud from the Bay Area.

    The camaraderie at the cafe is part of the healing process.

    "We're something stable, something that didn't change. Same music, same chairs, same basic food," said Fred.

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