Old Shasta restaurant gets business boost from crews prepping for rain


    It's been a hard second half of the year in the Northstate.

    First, the Carr Fire hit summer tourism and now possible debris flows from winter rains have caused new concerns for many Shasta County businesses.

    One restaurant in Old Shasta said they're turning a bad year into a chance to find new customers.

    Annette Magee, the co-owner of Shorty's Eatery just off highway 299 in Old Shasta, says despite her concerns about Carr Fire run off, she's been surprised by how many clean up crews have been coming in to eat since the fire ended.

    Just like many other businesses, Shorty's was hit hard by the fire. They lost revenue during the summer months and barely escaped with their business unburned.

    Thanks to PG&E, Caltrans and fire crews, they have been able to make up for a lot of missed business earlier in the year.

    Her biggest concern now is the debris run off this winter.

    "The state park has made precautions because we're all pretty much worried that there's going to be run off from the rain so they've set us up with sand bags. So, we're all pretty much hoping that everything should be okay," said Magee.

    She added that there is usually run off from the mountain behind the restaurant every year.

    With no more vegetation to hold the soil in place, they're taking extra precautions to stay safe.

    She also said she hopes the "Old time Holiday" celebration on December 1, put on by Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will bring more business in before the end of the year.

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