Opinion: North Carolina GOP election fraud a wakeup call for America

    (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

    Last week North Carolina election officials ordered a new contest in the 9th Congressional District, sparking an end to a lengthy investigation into allegations of ballot-tampering and reigniting the national debate on voter fraud.

    The Republican Party has spent a great deal of time speaking out against phantom episodes of voter fraud often advocating for voter ID laws, purging voter rolls and other measures that have come under fire from civil rights and advocacy groups.

    But when real voter fraud became apparent in their own party, conservative leaders fell silent.

    Republican nominee, Mark Harris won a narrow 905 vote lead over his Democratic Congressional challenger, Dan McCready. But the North Carolina Board of Elections refused to certify him due to accusations and a subsequent investigation.

    During his campaign, Harris hired a political operative, who allegedly assemble a team of election workers that illegally collected, filled out, and forged mail-in ballots in two rural counties in the 9th District.

    These rogue tactics undermined the electoral process.

    Clearly North Carolina’s 9th District did not have a fair election. The Elections Board is doing the right thing in acknowledging the impropriety, the importance of an election that operates with integrity and lawful intent.

    Lets’ get to the point: Voter fraud deserves our attention, but not the phantom type Republicans often speak of. The type of voter fraud we should worry about is led by campaign operatives not undocumented immigrants.

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