California proposition results


    California had 11 propositions on the ballot for the November 6 election, here are the results as per the latest numbers available.

    Proposition 1, the measure designed to provide affordable housing to veterans appears to have passed with 2,778,474 Californians voting yes, and 2,461,117 voting no.

    Proposition 2, the mental illness housing bond designed to provide housing for mentally ill homeless people is looking like it will pass. 3,161,006 Californians voted yes, and 2,095,712 voted no.

    Proposition 3, which would have provided money for water and environment based infrastructure projects is not looking like it will pass. 2,485,937 voted yes, but they are currently outnumbered by the 2,701,333 who voted no.

    Proposition 4, the bond that would have provided funding for children's hospitals has a commanding lead for the yes vote. Thusfar, 3,062,362 Californians have voted yes, and 2,191,998 have voted no.

    Proposition 5, the property tax transfer bill appears to have not passed the vote. 2,208,312 voted yes, and 3,008,356 voted no.

    Proposition 6, the measure to repeal the state gas tax is currently swinging toward the no vote. 2,393,271 voted yes, and 2,938,300 voted no.

    Proposition 7, which would change the Daylight Savings Time regulations for California to make Daylight Savings Time year-round is looking like it will pass. 3,162,490 Californians voted yes, and 2,063,967 voted no.

    Proposition 8, the measure to regulate dialysis charges appears to not have passed. 2,053,284 voted yes, and 3,328,887 voted no.

    Proposition 10, the rent control act which would allow local government to create housing boards to regulate rent control has a commanding lean to the no vote. 1,985,998 voted yes, and 3,436,935 voted no.

    Proposition 11, which was designed to include work breaks into "on-call time" for paramedics is looking like it will pass. 3,260,380 voted yes, and 2,071,682 voted no.

    Proposition 12, the measure to create a larger amount of minimal space required for farm animals is currently swinging toward the yes vote. 3,178,458 voted yes, and 2,150,475 voted no.

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