Californians offered last minute option for voter registration

The primary elections take place tomorrow, June 5, but for all the last-minute people out there, there’s still time to register to vote with a program called Conditional Voter Registration.

The program offers those who missed the 15-day registration cut-off this year, to register to vote as late as election day.

This is the first time the state has offered Conditional Voter Registration for a primary election in the Northstate.

Tehama County Clerk and Recorder, Jennifer Vice, says people interested in conditional voter registration can register to vote at their local elections office or satellite office.

“We process the registration, we make sure that they're not registered somewhere else in the state, cause we are now connected through the state with all other counties. And if they're not registered or cast a ballot in another county, we can then issue them a ballot in Tehama County and they vote that ballot here at the office," said Vice.

Vice also explained, that it’s called Conditional Voter Registration because the poll employees still need to verify the voter’s eligibility before the vote can be counted.

Vice added, if you choose to register on election day, be ready to fill-out your ballot while at the elections office.

Finally, Vice noted, after the registration is verified, the conditional ballots in Tehama County will be counted with the vote by mail ballots received at the polls and provisional ballots.

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