Congressional candidate Audrey Denney preps team for June 5 primary

Out front of Audrey Denney's campaign headquarters in downtown Chico.

Congressional Candidate Audrey Denney is one of seven challengers running for U.S. Representative Doug LaMalfa's seat in California's 1st District, but before Denney can challenge LaMalfa, she needs to place in the top two in the primary election on June 5.

Denney believes she has a good chance of unseating LaMalfa.

"We're getting endorsements like the National Justice Democrat endorsement, and the Our Revolution Chico endorsement," Denney said. "Those are showing that the progressive side of the party is excited about me, but we're also activating a lot of voters in the middle."

Denney is targeting disillusioned republicans who are looking for a change.

To date, she's accumulated over $110,000 in campaign contributions, which is more than her democratic primary opponents, but far short of the nearly half a million dollars LaMalfa has in his war chest.

Denney remains confident that if she can place in the top two in the primary on June 5, she'll be able to rally the support she needs to defeat LaMalfa in November.

To learn more about candidate Audrey Denney, click here.

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