Joe Chimenti discusses runoff race for Shasta County Supervisor District 1

Joe Chimenti Interview

The race for Shasta County Supervisor District 1 will come down to a runoff this November in the general election between David Kehoe and Joe Chimenti.

Although not all the votes are in yet, it's clear that neither Kehoe or Chimenti will be able to reach the 50% vote needed to secure the position in the primary election.

KRCR reached out to both candidates to hear their reactions to the polls. Kehoe declined to comment this week, but Chimenti came shared his plans for the race.

Chimenti said he plans to focus on his grass roots campaign through the November general election.

He also said the tight race in the primaries showed that voters want to see some changes within the community.

"I think the most resonating experience from all of this was there is a call for change and [I] think the people are speaking pretty loudly that the status quo is not acceptable. We have to move in a direction that brings the positive change that this community desperately deserves," said Chimenti.

Chimenti said if he wins the election, he will only hold the seat for a maximum of eight years. This marks a significant shift from the two decades that Kehoe has already held the position.

Chimenti also added that some of the most important issues he wants to focus on include increasing jail space and revitalizing the downtown area.

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