LaMalfa says his focus this campaign is on expanding economic opportunity

Representative Doug LaMalfa speaks about his re-election campaign at Patrick's Ranch Museum in Durham.

On Thursday, Doug LaMalfa spoke at Patrick's Ranch Museum in Durham about his re-election campaign to California's first congressional district.

There are six other candidates vying for his seat, and LaMalfa says he's running for a fourth term because he wants to help expand economic opportunity inland.

He says he's also dedicated to the success of infrastructure projects, like the rebuilding of the Oroville Dam Spillway, rising the water level in Shasta Dam, plus lane expansions and upgrades for Highway 70.

LaMalfa, a republican, has held the seat since 2013 and believes his experience sets him apart from the competition.

"I have name ID and familiarity," LaMalfa said. "I've been at this for quite some time here since the Assembly, State Senate, and five years in the House, so I think by and large people know what I'm about and what they're gonna get, you know, on the important issues to them."

In the primary, a candidate only needs to place in the top two in order to move on to the general election in November.

Primary elections in California will be held on June 5.

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