Community hospital in Modoc Co. to be sold, debt gone if ballot measure passes

California's primary election is on June 5. and for people in Modoc County, there's a measure on the ballot - called Measure I - that could give a life-line to a community hospital.

For some in Modoc County, California's June 5 primary will give them the opportunity to vote on the future of a community hospital.

Surprise Valley Hospital in Cedarville is one of the few healthcare options for many in rural Modoc County. The hospital filed for bankruptcy back in January 2018,

If it passes, Measure I would allow for the sale of the hospital to Denver based CadiraMD, offering a life-line to the hospital and its staff.

The health care board of directors authorized a partnership between the district and CadiraMD and under the agreement the company will lend the district up to $1.5 million including the sale of the hospital.

Surprise Valley Health District Administrator Bill Bostic said if the measure passes, it would not affect the patient care at the hospital.

"We have a skilled nursing facility with 22 beds. There's a long-term care residence that lives here, we have an acute care facility, it's the smallest in the state [with] four beds. We have the 24-hour standby ER and we also have a rural health clinic and an ambulance service. And if the measure passes and the sale is completed, those services will all continue and expand most likely in the future," said Bostic.

Bostic said if the measure does not pass, the district will be in default with the medical company and would be responsible for paying an estimated $2.1 million debt.

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