Progressives pick up 2 seats in Butte County supervisor races

The Butte County Elections Office is still collecting and counting mail-in ballots.

However, the two Butte County Board of Supervisor races saw such huge margins of victory that it's unlikely that the outcomes will change even after the remaining ballots are tabulated.

In what may be the biggest upset of the night, conservative incumbent Larry Wahl lost to Debra Lucero 54.6 percent to 45.2 percent in the District 2 race.

"I was surprised, yes," said Lucero. "It's not easy to unseat an incumbent and Larry has been around for 24 years."

Wahl, 75, said he hasn't decided if he'll seek public office in the future and acknowledged that Lucero did a better job of getting her voters out than he did.

In District 3 Tami Ritter bested two conservative men, Bob Evans and Norm Resene.

Ritter garnered 53.3 percent, while Evans had 27.1 percent and Rosene 19.4 percent.

Ritter raised approximately $40,000 for her campaign of which $7,000 came out of her pocket.

But she credits hard work with her victory.

"We walked to over 8,500 houses," she said.

Lucero raised approximately $60,000 of which she herself contributed $10,500 to beat Wahl

Both Ritter and Lucero call themselves progressives.

However, the Butte County Board of Supervisors remains a conservative 3-2 majority with Bill Connelly, (District 1) , Steve Lambert (District 4) and Doug Teeter (District 5) also on the board.

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