$449 million granted to Sites Reservoir, California's water project


449 million dollars was approved to build the Sites Reservoir, a water-saving project that lawmakers like Congressmen Doug LaMalfa and John Garamendi have been working on for years.

It is the largest water project in the State of California since 1970. On Tuesday State and Federal leaders discussed the sites project that takes on added importance in the wake of the 2014 drought.

"This is an amazing project and has so many benefits both for not only agriculture but for human drinking water as well as the environment," said Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

The Sites Reservoir will store twice as much water as Folsom Lake. The money loan being funded by the federal government will build a tunnel to carry water from the Glenn-Colusa canal to an existing reservoir, which will give farmers on the west side of the Sacramento Valley more access to water.

"It's a good day of a lot of people pulling together to take different levels of government. Bipartisan effort at the state and federal level," said LaMalfa. He says a lot of his constinuents are farmers, so this will benefit them greatly.

Officials also noted that since the runoff from the Sacramento can be high during certain times of the year, all the excess water can be pumped from the river and stored at Sites to be used during the drier months.

LaMalfa says this project, now funded, could take close to eight years to complete.

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