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Are you being impacted by wildfires? Here are some resources that can help

American Red Cross. (KRCR)
American Red Cross. (KRCR)
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When wildfires strike, national organizations soon follow with resources to help victims.

There are multiple organizations like the American Red Cross or Salvation Army just to name two that have set up shelters where they are offering food, water, and a community of people offering emotional and mental support for anyone who needs help.

Depending on which area in the Northstate you are evacuated from, there are several shelter locations in various cities and other resources they can reach out to.

For example, Red Cross volunteer Adam Istas told KRCR they have more than 200 trained volunteers coming from across the nation to help those affected in Northern California. He said he's currently helping 30 people in the Red Cross shelter in Quincy.

He explained specifically for the Red Cross, they have two advanced teams in Northern California that are on standby so they can help when and where they are most needed.

"These volunteers are trained to be an empathetic ear, for most of them it is a very easy thing to do," Istas said. "That type of support, while these people are evacuated and wondering about is their home still there, if it is, when can I go home, they might be worried about their livestock, all of the things that people worry about while they are evacuated, you know sometimes it's really nice to have some really nice people to hang out with."

For anyone interested in donating to help these families affected by the fires, GoFundMe has also set up a centralized hub for wildfire relief funds to help victims where they have vetted and verified the pages.

Here's a breakdown of resources for anyone affected by the Dixie Fire, McFarland, Monument Fires, and others:

  • The American Red Cross has set up shelters in the following cities: Redding, Quincy, Susanville, Portola, Yreka, Grass Valley, Auburn, Truckee, and Willow Creek.
  • The Red Cross is asking for people to check with their local law enforcement agencies on social media or give them a call for specific shelter locations.
  • The Salvation Army has also set up shelters with feeding locations in Susanville and Quincy.
  • Families can also find help through Calworks where they can get food assistance and cash aid.

Multiple organizations are taking donations to help aid these families across the Northstate in their recovery efforts.

The California Community Foundation, according to its website, supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major wildfires. Funds help those who are displaced from their homes and aid employment. They also help provide emotional support through case management services. To make a tax-deductable donate click HERE.

The Almanor Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund provides immediate and long-term support to Plumas County residents whose lives have been disrupted by a wildfire. To make a tax-deductable donate click HERE.

The Plumas Crisis Intervention Family Resource & Wellness Centers are accepting donations to aid in recovery efforts HERE.


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