Caltrans receives $65.7 million to widen Interstate 5 from Redding to Anderson


Caltrans announced that $65.7 million has been approved for the Redding to Anderson Six-Lane Project (RASL) on Interstate 5, on Thursday.

The money comes from grants through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1).

"The final piece of the puzzle for funding this project just happened yesterday. We got $65.7 million of TCEP - Trade Corridor Enhancement Program. And with that we now are able to do the Redding to Anderson Six-Lane Project," said Eric Orr, Caltrans Project Manager.

He said the estimated total cost of construction is $120 million. The $65.7 million approved is included in the $120 million cost.

The RASL project will add an additional northbound and southbound lane on Interstate 5 from the Deschutes Road interchange to just south of the Bonnyview/Churn Creek Road interchange, making it a continuous six lane interstate. Officials noted that other improvements include rehabilitating the existing pavement, a new median barrier, guard railing, overhead signs and upgraded lighting.

“Anyone who regularly travels this stretch of Interstate 5 knows it can get uncomfortable as cars and heavy trucks merge and pass,” said Dan Little, SRTA Executive Director. “The six-lane expansion gives us all more elbow room to safely and efficiently travel the corridor, including the trains intersecting below and the safety of our first responders and maintenance workers.”

In addition, safety improvements include longer acceleration lanes for slower moving trucks. The project will also include the widening of eight structures as well as replacement of the Anderson Creek Bridge and the South Anderson Railroad Overhead. I-5 traffic will be managed with additional Intelligent Transportation Systems.

"We're rehabilitating the existing pavement out there. We're putting in new median barrier, new overhead sign, upgraded lighting, new ITS, Intelligent Transportation System facility also," said Orr.

Construction on the project will start this coming November and won't be finished until around 2021.

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