Feds crack down on DMV employees giving fake licenses and stealing identities

Department of Motor Vehicles in Redding

Many have experienced the notoriously long wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but according to a Federal Investigation, some customers may experience more. Federal authorities are targeting DMV workers caught issuing phony driver's licenses.

Several criminal cases have been filed against the Department of Motor Vehicles, causing another Federal Investigation into the department. Federal officials said the work of undercover agents has widened the investigation to include investigators from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the cases began showing up several years ago, but noticeably increased last year. Prosecutors have filed at least another 20 cases since then.

Monday, DMV customer, Kevin Andresen said he finds no sense of ease to know DMV employees are facing charges of using computers to crack into citizen's confidential information and clerks taking bribes to alter driver's license test results.

"I took my test. I passed, and if I didn't pass it was you retake your test. I don't understand," Andresen said.

Yet, hundreds of drivers licenses have been revoked after the Department of Homeland Security found the employees had given faulty licenses.

Like many, the information Andresen provides at the DMV counter is personal and private.

"Credit card, my I.D., they have my social, they have every little bit of information about me," Andresen added. "Especially my driving record."

The Redding DMV was not able to comment on whether there are concerns locally. However, KRCR was able to obtain a statement from Sacramento. It reads:

"The DMV Investigations Division conducts a thorough investigation of every complaint filed and takes action when an employee is found to be committing workplace fraud. These employees are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and works closely with U.S. Attorney offices statewide. The DMV is responsible for initiating the cases involving all 40 DMV employees, brokers, driver school owners/operators that have been referred to the federal Eastern District since 2011," Armando Botello said.

Botello represents the Office of Public Affairs with the DMV.

Some of these criminal cases have been resolved with guilty pleas, but many are still pending, including the latest one filed almost one year ago.

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