Gas price on Shasta Lake is $5.49 but boaters are happy

Gas is $5.49 on Shasta Lake

As the national gas price average continues to rise, boaters may want to fill up before heading to the lake.

The national gas price average is up 53 cents from May of last year and is expected to continue rising.

In Redding, drivers will pay eight cents more per gallon at about $3.70 for gas. Diesel is up seven cents to $3.98 a gallon. In Chico, gas prices are up five cents to $3.52 a gallon and diesel is up four cents, to $3.73.

On Shasta Lake, boaters can expect about a $1.50 increase per gallon for fuel. Gas is around $5.49 at Shasta Lake marinas, however boaters are simply happy to be out on the water.

It's the middle of May and the water level on Shasta Lake is about 14 to 15 feet from the top, about 90 percent full.

Fishermen said Monday morning made for a quiet day out on the lake and the price to fill up was worth it.

"It's pretty convenient but it's expensive. We're out here fishing, enjoying this beautiful day though so it's worth it," said James Jacob.

Other boaters share the same enthusiasm and are optimistic of a full lake this summer.

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