Glenn County Sheriff's Office to test CodeRED emergency notification system

Glenn County Sheriff's Office.

The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a test of the CodeRED emergency notification system the morning of Monday, September 17, 2018.

This alert will be sent out to everyone who has registered their contact information with CodeRED in Glenn County and on all landline phones in Glenn County.

The alert may come in all forms including phone call, text, email and through the CodeRED app. This is only a drill to test the system and is not an actual emergency.

“CodeRED is a critical piece of our alert and notification system. It has been utilized several times this year to deliver emergency alerts including evacuation orders for a wildfire,” said Amy Travis, Deputy Director of Emergency Services. “CodeRED is flexible and allows us to tailor the alert to the situation. It allows us to target and deliver the alert to a geographic area, such as the area of a mandatory evacuation order, or notify everyone registered within the county.”

Landline phone numbers are uploaded into the system automatically. However, unlisted numbers, VoIP, and cellular phones must be self-registered. The alerts can also be received in Spanish.

Residents and businesses can enroll in CodeRED Glenn County by going to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office Office of Emergency Services website and click the CodeRED Emergency Notification Enrollment link.

The mobile phone app is available for download for free for Apple and Android phones and can be found in the mobile app store, search CodeRED Mobile Alert.

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