Gov. Newsom signs two executive actions to strengthen emergency preparedness and response

    Photo courtesy of Governor Newsom's Press Office

    Governor Newsom signed two executive actions Tuesday to enhance disaster preparedness and resilience.

    Following years of decreases in management of California federal forestlands, Governor Newsom is joining Western State Governors in calling on the White House to double its investment in managing federal forestlands.

    "It's not a coincidence that my first full day as Governor is focused on emergency preparedness," said Governor Newsom. "It's deliberate, it reflects intentionality, and it speaks to the priority that I place on emergency preparedness, response and recovery."

    Due to recent fires where many elderly, low-income and socially-isolated individuals found themselves without the means to escape, Newsom's first executive action he signed directs state agencies to consider risk management through an added socioeconomic lens.

    The executive action asks agencies to identify geographic areas with populations that are particularly at risk during natural disasters. Paired with traditional natural risk factors, this data will point a more accurate assessment of the real human risk and can help guide preventative action to help prevent loss of life, especially for vulnerable groups.

    The second executive action modernizes the way the state contracts for technology systems and the orders first application will be fire detection.

    This means instead of the government prescribing specific technology solutions, which Newsom's office says they don't always do well, this Innovation Procurement Sprint allows an agency to specify to the private sector what problems it is trying to solve.

    It also allows agencies to convene outside experts to source innovative solutions and systems.

    In fire detection technology, this new process comes with the goal of having cutting edge technology in the hands of emergency responders by next fire season.

    Governor Newsom said he will invest in a five-year, $1 billion forest management plan in his next budget and the state has already invested $111.3 million in forest health since 2017.

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