Help your city in this years National Bike Challenge

May is national bike month and will mark the start of the National Bike Challenge.

Redding local Murray Janisse is urging people to sign up for the challenge and score points for your city while also having fun.

Janisse rides his bike every single day including 40 miles to and from work.

"The great trail systems we have around here, I can stay off the streets for most of it and i just, you know, gear up, and go. There's very few days I don't ride maybe once or twice in a whole year that I don't actually ride."

Next month, he can start adding the miles he rides to the National Bike Challenge. A challenge looking for who and what cities bike the most miles.

In the 2017 challenge, he rode 14,367 miles in the challenge that lasts May through September. That placed him fifth in the nation.

The city of Redding as a whole placed seventh in the nation.

To contribute to Redding's total miles you don't have to ride everyday like Janisse.

"You don't have to be an avid cyclist to participate, you can just do a few miles on a Saturday every other week it's just about getting out there," Janisse said. "So, we have the weather. We definitely can do better than Nebraska and some of those people ahead of us because they had more people participating."

To insert your miles, click here to register for free on a website or app called "Love to Ride".

"All those numbers just keep adding up and you can watch what you do, how you stack up against the other people in the area, how the city stakes up in the state and the state in the country. It's kinda fun," Janisse said.

He uses a second app called Strava that tracks and inserts his miles into "Love to Ride" automatically.

The Strava app counts his miles and maps his path as well as tracking any pictures he takes along the way. Then his ride is shared all over the world.

He is able to share rights with other cyclists in Israel, Italy, etc.

To add your miles to the National Bike Challenge, you can register anytime and submit anytime between May and September.

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