How the Seattle Seahawks have been keeping in touch with Baby Lockett

Baby Lockett wearing Seattle Seahawks' Tyler Lockett jersey.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, Tyler Lockett, has been keeping in touch with a Redding family and their youngest son, Lockett, who's recovering from a kidney transplant. Now six-months post transplant, Lockett may get a special surprise from the 'Hawks for his second birthday.

Josh and Tara Schwerdt work at West Valley High School in Cottonwood. Josh teaches social science at the school and as part of a recent homework assignment, their son, known as Baby Lockett, may get to meet the Seattle Seahawks.

Lockett Schwerdt was born without functioning kidneys at Stanford Children's Hospital. He started dialysis when he was less than a week old and spent his first two months at Stanford before coming home to Redding.

In March of 2018, Lockett was big enough to get an adult kidney transplant. March 27, Tara gave her son Lockett her kidney, a long day that she said she never once hesitated about.

"We have to go in early in the morning for six hours of IV hydration and then his biopsy is really only about a 20 minute procedure but with pre-anesthesia and then recovery room it ends up being you know about an hour and a half and then he goes into the O.R. for that," Tara said.

And the process still isn't over, "Then it's eight hours of he has to lay flat on his back for eight hours, which he's two so that was a difficult process just trying to keep him calm and keep him occupied so that he wouldn't be trying to climb out of his crib."

Recently cleared to travel, Josh and Tara Schwerdt are taking their two sons Lockett and three-year-old Atticus to Seattle to see Century Link Stadium and possibly get the chance to meet who their son was named after, wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

Now a student at West Valley High School is sharing this tweet, hoping the Seattle Seahawks will give the whole family the surprise of singing "Happy Birthday" to Lockett, following Saturday's walk through.

So far, the Seattle Seahawks, Tyler Lockett, Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin Jr., Shaquem Griffin and several others with the Seattle Seahawks Football Team including Coach Pete Carroll have retweeted the senior's post and it's been shared almost a thousand times.

West Valley Senior and football player, Bailey Sulzer, said he did it as part of a social science project but mostly because he looks up to the Schwerdt's perseverance.

"That's just incredible to be able to stick through life and still have a happy attitude on campus, I've never seen them have a bad attitude or anything like that so I'm really grateful for the example that they've set," Sulzer said.

Baby Lockett will need check-ups and medication for the rest of his life but after his six-month post transplant biopsy, the family is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Lockett had a really hard time, you know, for many months. I think it actually made our marriage stronger because you are forced to take care of your child and be there for them. It was just like 'okay we just have to get through the next week or the next procedure or this next hospital stay'," Tara said.

Tara added there was never a doubt in her mind the family would make it through.

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