How to put an end to robocalls from scammers

How to put an end to robocalls from scammers

Is your phone ringing off the hook from robocalls? You’re not alone.

Americans received an estimated 3.5 billion in April alone, which is a 34 percent increase since April 2017. But now people can fight back with more sophisticated ways than ever.

In April, there were 7.8 million robocalls placed to the 530 area code number, according to

Robocalls remain the number once source of consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, with California racking up 2,101 complaints per 100,000 residents.

So how can people fight back? Here's a list of ways:

  1. Register your phone numbers on the FTC's website.
  2. Try installing a call blocking application like NoMoRobo, YouMail or RoboKiller.
  3. If a robocall says to push a key to get on their do not call list, you may want to think twice. It can actually let the scammer know your phone number is active.
  4. This last one may be difficult, but iPhone users may want to consider an Android. According to YouMail, iPhones receive 29 percent more robocalls than Android phones
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