In less than 10 days multiple businesses will receive approval for retail cannabis

City of Redding

The City of Redding will approve the sale of cannabis to a handful of businesses on June 14.

A total of 18 proposals, at a $1,000 fee each, were submitted for retail cannabis in Redding. The proposals show a mix of companies, ranging from Redding based companies, those from Humboldt County and one that's based out of Temecula, California.

Only 10 will receive approval and be able to move forward with their proposed businesses.

The city is looking for business owners that show the ability to operate a businesses of this caliber, one with a good marketing plan and design and applicants must pass their live scan background check.

An appointed committee composed of anonymous City of Redding employees, each from a different department, have been given copies of the proposals for review this week.

The committee will meet with City Manager Barry Tippin within the next week to discuss them.

Once approved, candidates will still need to submit a non-refundable business license application which is $5,000.

The actual cannabis retail business license is $27,900 per year to operate. Businesses will have 90 days to open after receiving approval.

The name of the applicants/businesses that have applied are as followed:

  • J@G Enterprises
  • Hype Cannabis Company
  • Veda Vibes
  • Green Door Redding, LLC
  • Bryant Wellness Partners, Inc.
  • Buddy Collective, Inc.
  • Herbal Comfort
  • Sundial Collective
  • Greenishness
  • The Top Shelf
  • Green Tree
  • North State Collective, LLC
  • H2J Holdings, LLC
  • Trez Redding
  • Green Label, LLC
  • Emerald House Farms, Inc.
  • Bulldog Holdings, LLC
  • NorCal Canna

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