Measure C calls for marijuana sales and cultivation tax in Redding


A proposed measure on the November ballot will ask voters to decide whether or not to tax marijuana businesses and cultivation, in Redding.

If approved Measure C would adopt several taxes on cannabis cultivation and sales.

Starting with a $3 tax per square foot of all marijuana cultivation sites.

Followed by a 3% tax on the total sales for lab testing, manufacturing, processing, storage, and distribution.

And finally, a 5% tax on the total sales of retailers, excluding sales made for medicinal purposes.

However, these numbers are subject to change.

Each year the Redding City Council would be able to adjust the tax rates anywhere up to $25 per square foot of cultivation sites and 10% of total sales.

We spoke with Jamie Garzot the owner of Synergy a marijuana retail store in Redding about what the proposed tax would mean for her business.

"I am a supporter of a local tax on the industry. My hope is that where the tax finally ends is manageable and reasonable. Most importantly sustainable for the operators as well as the community," said Garzot.

But, Garzot also said if the tax gets passed she plans to advocate for lowering the tax percentages next year.

We also spoke with Redding City Council Mayor Pro Tempore Julie Winter over the phone.

She said there aren't many opportunities for cities to increase their revenue so they want to take advantage of it.

Supporters of the tax estimate it could bring in $750,000 per year to the General Fund.

Though Winter said the revenue would go to the General Fund, she added they intend to use it where it's needed most. Right now, that's public safety.

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