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Northern California supervisor returns home after meeting with Mike Lindell

Shasta County District One Supervisor Kevin Crye speaking at his first "Town Hall Meeting" in Redding, Calif. on March 16, 2023. (KRCR)
Shasta County District One Supervisor Kevin Crye speaking at his first "Town Hall Meeting" in Redding, Calif. on March 16, 2023. (KRCR)
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Shasta County District One Supervisor Kevin Crye is back from his trip to Minnesota to meet with Mike Lindell, better known as the CEO of MyPillow, or the "MyPillow Guy."

That, however, has generated a lot of viewer comments. They're concerned about who paid for the trip and its purpose.

Lindell is known for his political stance, including backing former President Donald Trump's claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. But, Crye says his trip was not political but was for information gathering and approved by county administrators.

"I just went and said, 'Hey, this is the trip I want to take. Here's the agenda, here's the things I want to do. Is this county approved?' And, they said, 'Absolutely,'" Crye told Mangas on Friday. "I went to county council and then our CAO and asked, 'This is the trip I want to take; these are the things I want to cover. How does this work?'"

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"Supervisor Crye went to hold some meetings, meet with some individuals regarding looking into some of those options for our elections. And so, that is a public purpose conducted by the board of supervisors; it's something that would be eligible for county reimbursement," said Acting County Executive Officer Mary Williams.

"Nothing unusual?" Mangas asked Williams.

"Not anything unusual," Williams replied. "A meeting for discussion of topics that were pertinent to board of supervisors' action. Flight, lodging, per diem meals...pretty standard."

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Crye says he met with Lindell for four or five hours, spending a little time on Lindell's personal story which Crye calls, "incredible," and about voting processes and procedures.

"We talked a lot about just the process, from a legislative standpoint, about the voting process, what other states are doing, because that's, really, what I wanted to know. I wanted to know...who could I talk to and tell me, 'this is what's happening in multiple other states' and had real firsthand knowledge," Crye explained. "But, I really wasn't just interested in getting his [Mike Lindell's] input, I wanted to talk to, like, attorneys, secretary of states, other people in other jurisdictions across the country."

Not surprisingly, that came up at his Town Hall Meeting in Redding last night, primarily attended by people who live in his district that is most of the City of Redding.

"One of the very first questions was about Dominion voting machines. And, I made the joke, 'Oh! I didn't think that was going to come up!' And people, I think everybody, really laughed pretty hard at that. But, that was a concern," Crye said. "We talked a little bit about the CEO appointment. I couldn't go into detail much about that because that's an HR thing that we're still in process of. We talked quite a bit about youth services and HHSA, or departments within, in terms of homeless and shelter, etcetera. So, it was a lot of great dialogue."

You can watch the entire interview with Crye below, or on the KRCR YouTube channel.


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