Nursery, gardeners hoping for milder spring


Plant sales took a hit last spring with above average temperatures. This year, nurserys in Redding are hoping for a milder spring.

Orchard Supply Hardware, OSH, lost thousands of dollars in plants last year to the heat. May's temperatures were above average even hitting the triple digits twice.

Victor Russo at OSH says some people didn't garden at all last year because they saw their neighbors plants dying in the heat.

Russo said this year the flowers are soaking up the recent rains and people are excited to get back to planting.

He has a tip for gardening this year that you'll need to get started on as soon as possible.

"Now is a great time to get your amenities in and get your fertilizers and stuff working in the soul and let it rest for a little bit," Russo said. "You never want to put a lot of chicken manure or steer manure into your garden beds and then immediately plant your vegetables and things like that. There's a term they use wait until it cools down so to speak."

He says since we are luckily seeing rain and mild temperatures, if the rain comes down heavily put cups or pots over your vegetables and plants to prevent damage and stem breakage.

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