Orland: Queen Bee Capital of North America


ORLAND, Calif. - Orland has proclaimed itself the Queen Bee Capital of North America shortly after being designated the 40th "Bee City" in the United States.

The designation isn't without merit, as approximately a dozen queen bee breeders are in and around the city limits.

"We are living in a microclimate that is specifically suited to producing queen bees," said Terrie Barr, the chairperson of the Bee City Committee. "And that microclimate produces about 200,000 Queen bees annually."

These queen bees are sold and shipped around the world. Their importance can't be overstated.

"Every third bite of food we eat is reliant on pollination in order to produce that food," said Barr.

The bee branding may also create an economic opportunity for a city already considered business friendly.

"All of our businesses can adopt (the branding) and find ways to bring more visitors to town who want to do business in Orland," said Pete Carr, the Orland city manager.

"I think you're going to find more investment in Orland related to it," he said.

The city is also in the planning stages of building a bee museum.

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