PG&E responds to possible office closures


After a Facebook post shared images of proposed changes to PG&E officers across the Northstate, PG&E released a statement saying that they are early in the process and no final decision had been made.

On a Facebook page called 'PG&E Wives IBEW 1245 Brothers & Sisters' shared several scanned images that show proposals for PG&E to close down several offices across the state, including 10 in the Northstate and along the North Coast.

In a response to KRCR about these proposed changes, PG&E released the following statement.

As we strive to continuously improve the way we work, as well as maintain customer rates as low as possible, we are looking at the status of all of our facilities in our service area as part of a long term effort. We are conducting this review with customers and public safety at the forefront of our effort, and keeping in mind the impact any move could have on employees. In some instances we may open new offices, in others we may close some locations. We are early in this process and have not made any final decisions on specific locations. As those decision are made we will communicate them. We will emphasise that this is a long term effort.

The union IBEW 1245, which represents PG&E workers in the Northstate, said that in the past the union has had to fight against proposals like these.

"[We were] not a part of the negotiations," said one spokesman.

The union cautioned that any such changes could impact response time to power outages because crews would be stationed farther away. Currently, officers are placed strategically to offer quick response times to outages.

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