Potential water contamination in Trinity Co. caused by fires


WEAVERVILLE, Calif. - Ground and surface water may be contaminated due to the fires in Trinity County, health officials warn.

That new report comes from the Trinity County Environmental Health Office. Officials believe that water in the areas of Canyon Creek and Trinity River could potentially be affected by the fire.

In their news release, officials stated that observation to Canyon Creek showed that the water quality had been affected.They said that while it is easy to correlate this contamination to ash and burn debris, historically these contaminants are likely to include heavy metals that can be harmful to public health.

While they state that they are being overly cautious, health officials are warning people who use seep wells or other shallow forms of surface water diversion to not drink from that water source at this time. Boiling water does not resolve the safety issue.

Trinity County Environmental Health has sent off water samples for analysis, and they hope to get results back in the next couple of weeks.

Water has been made available at the Weaverville Community Service District, 716 Main Street between 8 a.m and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This water is ideal for sanitation purposes only and bottled water is recommended for drinking.

Anyone that is drinking from shallow water sources or a well that has sustained fire damage is asked to contact the Environmental Health Director, Kristy Anderson, at 530-623-1458.

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