Real ID Act - New drivers license for Californians


Californians who like to fly may need to update their California drivers license or identification card soon.

That's because the Real ID act that passed in 2005 after the 9/11 attack which had the federal government require your driver's license or identification (ID) card to be a Real ID compliant card and everyone will need it to board a flight or enter military bases and federal facilities.

Beginning of October 1, 2020, the Real ID Act will go into effect for Californians, but starting January 22, 2018, California Department of Motor Vehicles will begin to provide the Real ID cards as an option.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Redding office have signs on their doors to inform the public and customers about what they need to get the Real ID.

Jared Williams visited the Redding DMV office and said when he was in Colorado at a military base, they already established the Real ID act, so it was easy for him to show identification. He said individuals from California had a less easy time with providing identification.

"People with the California ID working out there had to provide a passport, a social security card to get on the base. They were linked on the system. So I'm assuming the REAL ID act in Cali [sic] now is bring them up to speed with what all the other states federally have done," said Williams

California DMV said individuals will need to show proof of identity such as a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, employment authorization document, permanent resident card or foreign passport. They will also need to provide proof of social security and show a California residency document.

Airports Manager Bryant Garrett of the City of Redding said if individuals don't have the REAL ID when it goes into effect, they will experience difficulty with boarding flights.

"Worst case scenario is somebody buys a ticket online and kind of ignores the fine print when they get their ticket and they show up here with their ID and they get to the counter and they may be declined the ability to board," said Garrett.

According to the California DMV, they are redesigning the driver license and identification (DL/ID) card that will take effect January 22, 2018. DMV will begin producing the DL/ID card with the new card design featuring a Real ID marking of the California grizzly bear with a star appearing in the upper right corner.

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