Avoid losing your bin with Redding's new recycling rules

City of Redding recycling bins

People in Redding may have experienced coming home to a yellow note or no bin at all but there's good news for homeowners who may struggle with recycling correctly.

Paul Clemens serves as Deputy Director with the City of Redding. He explained their Public Works Department decided to revamp their solid waste methods in hopes that homeowners will take the right steps to recycle.

Previously, Redding residents would get two warnings before their recycling bins were simply taken away, now they will receive three active warnings, including a phone call and letter explaining why.

Clemens explained some of the most common reasons bins get removed.

"Plastic containers that aren't recyclable is a big one. People see the recycle triangle on the bottom of their container and try to be recycle-conscious. People also put Styrofoam in there. While we recycle Styrofoam, it's not supposed to be in their blue cart, or they'll put a box in there that's not broken down," added Clemens.

If a homeowner does mess up, they may keep their recycling bin by paying to get it dumped as trash. That payment starts at $12 if homeowners call within the same day but then the price varies. If a homeowner does not wish to pay the fee, they may choose the option of having it confiscated for 90 days.

"Everything that comes in is mixed so we have to sort it. But the more contamination that's in there, the harder it is to clean the material," Clemens said there's a reason they're trying to work with people but the department also suffers when people abuse their recycling efforts.

Many homeowners are also mowing their lawns and trimming their gardens, getting ready for summer, but the city wants to be clear that clippings should not be hosed off into their storm drains. Instead, put those trimmings in your green waste bin, but do not pack it down too tightly and palm tree leaves must be thrown in the trash bin or taken to the City of Redding's Solid Waste Center at 2255 Abernathy Lane in Redding.

For more on proper recycling, click here.

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