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Red Bluff welcomes new Oncology and Infusion Center

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A new Oncology and Infusion Center in Red Bluff is hoping to improve patient care in the Northstate.

Up until now, many patients had to travel to either Redding, Chico or Davis to get the cancer treatment they need.

Now, for many Tehama County patients, they'll be able to go to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital's new Oncology and Infusion Center.

They use treatments like immune therapy, that helps the body use it’s immune system to fight off disease.

Chemotherapy, the traditional cancer treatment.

As well as, something called Targeted Therapy that will one-day offer patients a whole new way to treat mutations associated with specific kinds of cancer.

“In the future we’re not going to treat lung cancer. We’re going to treat lung mutations. And ultimately the FDA is going to, if you have cancer of your left toe, and we find it in your lung. We can treat that because it’s a mutation, not just cancer of an organ,” said Medical Hematologist/Oncologist Jed Freeman.

The goal is to one day to be able to identify specific gene mutations and target treatments directly to them, on a DNA level.

This will allow them to avoid a lot of damage to the other cells in the body, traditionally associated with cancer treatments.

Tom Amundson was the first patient through the door of the facility, this morning.

He recently suffered from a major accident that left him paralyzed, from the waist down.

Amundson recently fell off a platform while using a chainsaw and broke his back.

However, while he's getting treatment for his injuries, he also needs a Hematologist he can rely on to make sure his blood continues to work like it should.

After doing research, he's decided Dr. Freeman's Oncology and Hematology experience at the new facility is just what he needs.

"He just moved to Red Bluff and I'm his first patient. So we'll see how it goes but I guess I'm lucky to be here and lucky to have him moving to Red Bluff to make it easy for me," Amundson said,

Amundson recently started driving again, but says he appreciates not having to drive far distances to get medical treatment.

He says opening up this Tehama County location can make all the difference for patients who often feel nauseated or exhausted from their treatments.

The facility has new exam rooms, an Oncologist and Hematologist, as well as, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy services that will be provided in four infusion chairs.

The “Red Bluff California Rockers” also brought hand-painted rocks for new patients to enjoy, with uplifting messages about their treatment.

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The center will be open from 7 a-m to 5 p-m, Monday through Friday at 2340 Liberty Parkway in Red Bluff.

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