Susanville man arrested in New York after allegedly making school shooting threats

Photo courtesy of the Lassen County Sheriff's Office

A Susanville man was arrested in New York Thursday after allegedly making threats to "start shooting little kids at schools".

According to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office, their 911 dispatch center received a report at about 8:40 a.m. from the California state office in Redding saying their office had received a call from a man named Bharath Raghukultilak.

It was reported that during the phone call with Raghukultilak, he reportedly said, "Maybe I should start shooting little kids at schools, that would get someone's attention".

Officials said an employee with the state office told Raghukultilak that they take threats very seriously and he reportedly responded, "That is not going to stop me from shooting up schools".

Officials said they found that Raghukultilak had a home on Susan Hills Drive in Susanville and officers from the Susanville Police Department and deputies with the Lassen County Sheriff's Office were immediately dispatched to the local schools as well as Raghukultilak's home.

Deputies did not find Raghukultilak in his home and all Lassen County schools were then placed on a soft-lock down.

Law enforcement from the Susanville Police Department, Lassen County Sheriff's Office, California Highway Patrol, and Cal Fire were sent to schools in and around Susanville to provide security.

Officials said through the course of the investigation, Raghukultilak was found to be a former employee of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Raghukultilak had served as a doctor at High Desert State Prison until around July 1, 2018.

Investigators found Raghukultilak had made threatening comments to employees while working at the prison.

A negotiator from the Lassen County Sheriff's Office was able to speak with Raghukultilak over the phone for an hour and 50 minutes. In this time, investigators were able to determine Raghukultilak was in Queens, New York.

Authorities from the New York Police Department were provided with the address where investigators believed Raghukultilak was. Officers from the NYPD went to the location but were unable to find Raghukultilak.

Lassen County investigators then directed NYPD officers to Rosemary Park in Queens where Raghukultilak was detained.

Officials said the information related to the events in this case have been forwarded to NYPD and Federal Authorities. The case is being investigated by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

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