Top headlines: Friday, February 16

Top headlines: Friday, February 16

Here are the top headlines for Friday, February 16.

New information released about suspicious device in Redding

Redding police have released new information about a suspicious device that forced students to evacuate Buckeye School of the Arts on Thursday.

Police said Rusty McAlexander, 59, and Mary McAlexander, 55, called police after finding a note on their front door about explosives being on their property.

The incident caused students at Buckeye School of the Arts to evacuate as a precaution.

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FBI investigates 2017 tip connected to Florida shooting

There are new questions surrounding the deadly Florida shooting investigation after the FBI received a tip about a YouTube comment last fall.

The comment read "I'm going to be a professional school shooter," and was reportedly posted to YouTube in 2017, under the same name as shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz.

A vigil was held Thursday night to honor the 17 victims of the shooting.

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Two escape Redding attic fire

Two people are safe after a fire broke out in the attic of a Redding home.

It happened in the 3100 block of Inez Street just before 2 a.m. Friday.

Firefighters said the fire was contained to the attic and was caused by a wood stove insert in a fireplace that got too hot.

Three Coast Guard rescues take place in one week

The Coast Guard has made three rescues in two days.

The first rescue was for a fishing boat outside of Mendocino that was filling with water. That boat was abandoned and sank.

The second rescue was also for a fishing boat with engines problems, about four miles west of McKinleyville.

The third rescue happened near Fort Bragg, and was disabled because of engine failure.

Dog food recalled after testing positive for euthanizing drugs

31 varieties of dog food are being pulled off the shelves after 60 percent of Gravy Train products tested positive for euthanizing drugs.

Any amount of the drug, pentobarbital, can be harmful to animals.

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